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Why I Quit My 9-5 to Pursue Music

Pure bliss is an underlying craving within us all. The search for happiness is one that has become never-ending in our society. We are conditioned to believe that once you obtain a number of dreams, be it a job, partner, body, or home, you've done it. You have reached the pinnacle of life. Our minds define happiness through the lenses that society has create[...]

The Trip That Led Me To Finding My Way Back To Myself

It's 75 degrees outside as I say goodbye to an old friend. We’ve spent the summer morning strolling the hills of her hometown. My skin is flushed from all the sun, but I brush away the burn, turning my attention instead to the adventures planned ahead. I roll over the top of another sunny hill heading west in my beat up old VW. I am kept warm by the sun a[...]