How To Create Habits That Stick

That a habit takes 21 days to form is one of those stubborn myths which, once planted into the public consciousness, simply refused to die. It originated with the research of one Dr. Maxwell Maltz back in the 1950s, and Maltz's actual hypothesis (yes, hypothesis — he never scientifically proved it) was that a habit takes at least 21 days to form. Somewher[...]

How Rituals Bring a Positive Influence To Your Life

I have a confession to make: I'm the kind of person that can inhale a meal. You know when it's there in front of you one second and the next you look down and your plate is somehow empty? Happens. And coincidentally my boyfriend is the same (maybe not so coincidentally. You gotta to have some shared interests, right?) This is obviously not great for reaso[...]