The science of why we cling to our beliefs

Imagine there's a person running at you with an axe in their hand and a crazed look in their eye. Now imagine you're sitting at a bar having a quiet conversation with someone and that someone is challenging one of your most deeply-held beliefs. Which of these situations would you say is a serious threat? You might think being hacked to pieces by an axe-mu[...]

Collaboration Begs A Relationship With The Self

It's no trade secret that collaboration bears the sweetest fruit. The obvious example of such perfectly ripened yield is the work of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, two brilliant musicians in their own rights, but magnitudes better when together. Compare just the second side of Magical Mystery Tour (host to classics like “Penny Lane,” “Strawberry Fields Fore[...]

How A Canceled Flight Changed My Life

Last Winter, a Nor'easter slammed into New York City, leaving above-ground trains without service, canceling days of office work for thousan...