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With a striking bohemian flair, threeASFOUR emerged with their circle bags as seen on Sex and the City. Since their becoming in 1998, the brand has developed into quite the topic of discussion. Boasting ghostly silhouettes and asymmetrical organza frocks, bowling layers and 3-D structured snowflake-reminiscent dresses, the label melds elegance with cool. Originally named AsFour, the line was created by aspiring designers Kai Kühne, Gabriel Asfour, Adi Gil, and Angela Donhauser, hailing from Germany, Lebanon, Israel and Tajikistan. Despite the brand’s zany inventors, threeASFOUR has garnered mainstream accreditation with a CFDA fund nomination in 2007, leading to collaboration with GAP, and raising the team’s status to meet that of Phillip Lim and Erin Fetherton. Since then the label has been featured in a variety of museums including the Met and Victoria & Albert, and now, The Jewish Museum in NYC in their own exhibit entitled MER KA BA. The show delves into the tile patterns and shapes found in each of the three major monotheistic religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

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Images: threeASFOUR