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As most likely the most terrifying piece of musical work created, The Noises We Make When No One Is Around oozes deathly echoes, voices screeching in agony as tormented banshees trapped in an intangible existence. The only one thing that comes to mind is that of the “hungry ghost” in Buddhism, one of the six modes of existence with massive, empty stomachs, pinhole mouths, and necks so thin they cannot swallow. They have been reborn as hungry ghosts due to their greed, jealously and envy. Associated with addiction, obsession and compulsion, the sounds of The Noises We Make are enormously in line with that of the “departed one”…or a torture victim come back to haunt their tormentor with relentless suffering.

The band is now set to release their second EP, “The Black Box Contained Nothing But Our Deaths,” which proves to be equally plagued with torturous woe. Much like their previous work, the EP is described as “a lo-fi, minimal, self-confessive, self abusive, atmospheric folk sound self-recorded in a bathroom and produced over a series of months…and best experienced “in a dark room, with closed eyes and headphones on.” To undergo the EP itself is a frighteningly disturbing experience that will have you jumping at every sound, looking behind you with each breath, leave you petrified of the dark, and potentially paranoid and in deep depression for the rest of the week. In that sense, Taylor-Broad, the architect of The Noises We Make has mastered his sound, strategically tearing at listeners’ hidden demons, imparting his own anguish in an absolutely unnerving listening experience.