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Sleep. Such an integral facet of our being, and yet we never seem to get enough of it, or do it correctly. Like so many things, sometimes we wish that someone or something could just do it for us. Now, there is. Sense has created a 3-part system that monitors your sleep habits and provides custom feedback. Did an alarm go off and wake you at 2am? Sense will tell you. Are you in deep sleep and not yet ready to be awakened by your alarm? Sense will screen your sleep intervals and wake you at the best time so you won’t get up groggy.


3 Parts

Sensor: Reminiscent of the Bird’s Nest in China in orb form, the Sense unobtrusively sits on your nightstand with a sleek, minimalistic design, seamlessly making its way into your bedroom décor. The sensor keeps track of everything going on in your bedroom including light levels, temperature and humidity, and particles for those of us with allergies.


Sleep Pill: A small circular component that clips to your pillow, the Sleep Pill measures your movements throughout the night and knows when you are falling asleep, sleeping soundly, tossing and turning or waking up. There is no battery to be charged or plugged in—just snap it on your pillow and the monitoring will track you for a year. Additionally, if it accidently gets tossed in the wash with the linens, no problem. The team at Hello has designed it to be waterproof “and next to indestructible.”


Sense App: Data recorded by the sensor and Sleep Pill is entered in the app to generate a score out of 100 for your night of Z’s. It takes in consideration your bedroom environment such as light and sound, in addition to how well you actually slept.


Smart Alarm & Sound System

The Smart Alarm works in tandem with the Sleep Pill, taking note of when you naturally begin to stir, a sign that you’re ready to wake up. Sense’s Kickstarter campaign states:

If you’ve set your alarm for close to that time, the Smart Alarm will go off, waking you up at the perfect time for your sleep rhythm. If you want to be up by 9:30, but you’re already half awake at 9:15, then your alarm should go off then, not wait for you to fall deeper into sleep and force you awake later feeling terrible.

Sense not only will wake you up at the best point in your REM cycle, but will lull you to sweet dreams with white noise or rain sounds as well. So, maybe, you’ll not only get to work on time, but you’ll have enough energy to get to the gym before, run all your errands after, and still be revitalized enough to get that continually postponed drink with your friend after.