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From blueprint specs of cocktails to pop art cans of Coco Chanel’s Fashion Soup, public transit maps in major cities to mug shots of famous music icons, Oliver Gal Artist Co. offers an array of sweet wall art inspired by the art scene in Miami as well as photography from travels to Spain, Italy, St. Lucia, China, Israel and Africa.

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Behind the collective are sisters and artists Lola Sánchez & Ana Gal who churn out a range of prints diverse enough for the girliest girl to ultra macho manly and everywhere in between.

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Undoubtedly pop-art-leaning, their trendy collections also include limited edition series and exclusive collections to “capture life most haute moments, avantgarde objects and splendid lifestyles.”

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Providing a whimsically classy take on standard contemporary images, Oliver Gal morphs Star Wars Robots into blueprints, fashion images into moody grunge graphics, and PSA messages into explosive, comical works of art.

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