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The Ecocapsule will excite everyone from green-living enthusiasts to tiny house dwellers to minimalists.

A low-energy house with powerful off-grid capabilities, the Ecocapsule is undoubtedly compact, challenging even the most bare minimalists to come up with innovative ways to live with less.

Off-Grid Living Options

The Ecocapsule is fitted with plenty of alternative energy-generating systems that allow you to live the off-grid life wherever you choose to park the house. The chassis has an array of high-efficiency solar cells that can generate an output of about 600W. A built-in retractable wind turbine can generate about 750W of power. On cloudy, windless days, a high-capacity battery (9744Wh) ensures you don’t have to live without power.

There is also strategic reasoning behind Ecocapsule’s spherical shape—to collect rainwater and dew. The house has built-in filters that let you use any water that you may collect.

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Convenience and Luxury in a Tiny Package

Built by Slovakian architectural studio, Nice Architects, the Ecocapsule combines sustainability with the convenience and comforts of modern living. The house is small, but it can comfortably (read: without trampling each other) accommodate two adults. And, it’s packed with an impressive array of household facilities like a built-in kitchenette, toilet, hot shower, and running water. You won’t have to rough it out in the wilderness with the Ecocapsule as a camper! There is also plenty of storage inside the unit to stash away your camping or sports gear in addition to your odds and ends.

The impressive off-grid lifespan of the Ecocapsule makes it ideal an eco-friendly accommodation option for a number of situations. You can park it in your backyard and use it as guest quarters. Given its conveniences and comforts, it can even be used as a tourist lodge.

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Portable and sturdy, it can comfortably fit inside a shipping container and can be airlifted, shipped, or towed without hassles and without the need to encase it in special packaging. You can even hoist the Ecocapsule atop a cart to be tugged by a pack animal! This makes this tiny house ideal for use in the wilderness. It can be used as a research base or a humanitarian-action station in remote places where housing materials are scanty in supply or there is not enough manpower to build conventional operational units.

Ecocapsule has garnered rave reviews from multiple quarters. Its makers plan to build customized versions of the Ecocapsule in the near future to suit unique needs. By removing the hassle of building an eco-friendly home from scratch and incorporating loads of portability and flexibility into the unit, the Ecocapsule lets you achieve your dream of living green or off-grid even if it is for a few days during your vacation. And if you’re still wondering if you are made for the off-grid lifestyle, the Ecocapsule lets you test the waters before selling all of your possessions.

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