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Picture this: You’re nestled in the soft cushion of a queen-sized bed, gazing comfortably upwards into the vast expanse of the starry night sky, no roof above you and no walls around you, a cool mountain breeze floating across your skin. Sounds like a dream, right? If this type of luxury camping experience seems like something you need to tick off your bucket list, then book a stay at the Null Stern Hotel. Nestled in a crevice high up in the beautifully scenic Swiss Alps, this one-of-a-kind accommodation realigns all your notions of what minimalism and living a distraction-free life may be. But act quickly and book early, as there is at least a year-long waiting list in front of you.

What’s There in the Hotel?

The incredible open-air hotel room at the Null Stern has been set up amidst the high peaks of the Graubünden, smack dab in the middle of the Swiss Alps at about 6,463 feet above sea level.

Equipped with only a bed, a pair of nightstands and two lamps, this is one hotel that is not for the faint of heart – or those that value privacy, WiFi or running water. If you need to relieve yourself, there is a public restroom located an invigorating 10-minute walk away.

However, you have a personal butler—bow tie, white gloves, and white shirt impeccably in place—at your service. He stays in a cabin nearby where he prepares all your meals including complimentary breakfast made from fresh local produce.

A stay at the Null Stern Hotel is like living in Mother Nature’s amphitheater and being privy to all the dramatic shows She puts up—the changing light that casts a myriad of shadows on the slopes, the sound of the wind as it blows across the landscape, and the play of a thousand colors, shapes, and textures. All of this, showcased in sweeping 360-degree views, can be yours for the night. While the room is open to guests throughout spring, summer, and fall, be warned that  the hotel can cancel reservations if weather turns inclement.


The Beauty is in What is Not There

If you’re not quite sold on this concept, consider the beauty of all the things this hotel comes without..

There are no noisy guests around to shatter the peace. The lack of WiFi  means your attention is always on what is around you. There are no ringing phones or blaring televisions to drown out the sounds of nature. There are no bright ambient lights to take away from the mystery of the darkness that engulfs you at night.

By not boxing you within four walls, the Null Stern places you right in the midst of nature and by stripping away the inessentials, the Null Stern compels you to focus your mind and senses on the present.  

The Visionaries Behind the Null Stern

Revolutionary, quirky, convention-busting or just plain crazy –  the Null Stern concept is described differently depending on who you ask.

Null Stern, which translates to mean “zero stars” in German and is accompanied by the slogan, “the only star is you,” was conceived by visionary brothers and concept artists Frank and Patrik Riklin.The name of the company embodies the principle of the Riklin brothers: they want to break free from an obsession with stars, the reference being to the conventional rating system for hotels around the world. They want to turn the rules of luxury hotel experience on their head and they want to do so by creating an experience and putting you right in the middle of it. The goal is to to create experiences that you can be a part of and engage with.

A stay at the Null Stern Hotel is an experience that goes beyond convenience, amenities, and tangible luxuries, to say the least. It is an experience that teaches you to look beyond norms to discover and appreciate the lasting beauty and value of nature.