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The epitome of clean lines, smooth edges, and everyday form meets function, Mansur Gavriel’s line of chic totes, backpacks and the hugely coveted bucket bags and are not to be undermined.

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Mansur Gavriel

Rich, untreated leather offers a natural, opulent sheen while the lack of hardware and lightweight design (just under 1 lb for the bucket bag) adds to Mansur Gavriel’s under the radar, minimalist look. And, as stunning as they are roomy, the bags maintain their form with stiff, sturdy leather, holding its shape when empty as well as all your needs for the day. The bucket bag can fit an oversized wallet, phone, keys, a large sunglasses case, an agenda, lotion, and gum or mints with plenty of room to spare. The interior also offers a glossy, slick feel, allowing for easy wipe-cleaning should that lotion decide to explode.


Mansur Gavriel

Moreover, the bucket bag comes equipped with a matching flat zipper pouch that can either be tossed inside to organize your provisions or looped  and snapped on to the drawstring for easy access to say, your lipstick or iPhone, without having to fish through the huge array of “essentials” that you’ve thrown into your nifty carryall.

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Mansur Gavriel

Specific to Mansur Gavriel is that their core collection uses vegetable tanned leather, which wears beautifully over time, but does need a bit of special care. The brand states that it is completely natural, “naked, with no synthetic top finishes.” Thus, the surface colors will slowly darken over time from the sun and exposure to water will create spots.  However, the Mansur Gavriel’s care section maintains that any tarnishing will fade and evolve over time.” We love that the bags sustain its natural appearance and develop over time, growing to have greater character the more you use it.


Mansur Gavriel: original and after 1 year of daily use

Founded in the spring of 2012, Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel set out to create quality leather goods at contemporary prices featuring a juxtaposition of neutral tones and textures against vivid, pop hues. The handbags are designed by the duo in New York and crafted in the Veneto region of Italy. Want one? Better get on a waitlist as these babies have been toted around by the likes of style dabblers and fashion elite left and right, and are constantly sold out.