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I have been guilty of going against everything that Rogue Habits is and all the reasons I created it. It is my passion project, my creative outlet, and my dream of a career, but I’d let everything else take over. I got caught up in the things that are easy to get sucked into–work, friends, relationship, and there seems to be less and less time for anything that I truly love to do anymore. And yet, my reason for moving here was to be immersed in creative endeavors and to write. Aside from the couple freelance articles here and there, I can safely say I don’t remember the last time I felt like I could call myself a writer.

Right now, Rogue Habits is my beacon of light and I’m pulling in any and everyone I can. Unhappy with your life? Come, join me in my quest for ultimate happiness and fulfillment. Seriously though, I’m lucky to have friends whose lives are aligned with mine and are equally invested in this project to support me, as well as for their own individual reasons. This a space for us to do all the things we love but can never seem to find the time for; the sense of purpose we’re lacking in our day jobs; the place that we go to when we need to be inspired, or nurtured, or even to get lost in something other than the chaos in our own heads.

“Question the questions,” is what my friend  Melanie says. She is one of my major points of inspiration, as you’ll read in a later post. She has always been a guiding light for me to push myself in all the ways that people scoff at. Our friendship was founded on the basis of questioning everything, of creating realistic and absurd goals and going for them full force. The only limitations are the ones we set on ourselves. Melanie currently is going through a major transformation after a series of life-altering events. This, is why I am beginning the relaunch of Rogue Habits with her story, or series of short stories and ramblings rather, about loss, sacrifice, coming back to joy, and her journey leaving behind what we’d call a typical life to live on the road. Another reason I have chosen to begin with her is entirely selfish. I am thriving off of her liberation and growth through defeat. It is a painfully beautiful unfolding and making me entirely more appreciative for what I have, am, and want. This process is fueling the momentum of this project, and also creating elbowroom for us to take a breather and think, “What do I really want?”

I hope that any readers here find something here that sparks something in you as well. And, if you want to join us, we’re always looking for contributors in any form.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow, it begins.