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Curating is something that I’ve always had a passion for—whether it’s furniture and decor for my home, finding gifts for friends in exotic destinations, or putting together an event. On each and every trip I’ve taken, I’ve thought to open a shop to share all of the culture and art I was able to experience—a place to put together all of the things I was inspired and so moved by. Unknowingly and miraculously, Rogue Habits became the perfect place to host such a marketplace, where you’re able to have the experience of learning about the artist, their background and story, how the products came to be, and the culture behind it. And so, I’m so excited to introduce: Rogue Habits Bazaar!


For everything we carry, we’ll be working in conjunction with artists to co-create small runs of products, designed specifically for Rogue Habits. Here, you can find artists that are completely obscure, or maybe even a trending creator, but get something from them that you cannot anywhere else. These will be very small, incredibly personal, signature lines.

This is not an idea that is novel or exclusive to Rogue Habits, but rather something that I believe in and have always wanted to do. And so I’ve gathered a number of friends and their networks and creative individuals beyond that to establish a marketplace that is more about organic occurrences, building relationships, and focused on the lives and stories behind products. This goes beyond ethically sourced materials (which we do) or fair trade principles (which we also make sure to follow), to personal relationships. You’ll know each artist well, see the creation of each product, and be directly supporting the creative community.

I have no idea what this new venture will amount to, but I’m thrilled to be working with such talented artists and incredibly thankful for the people that have encouraged me and helped me along to way to make this happen. I am here taking a leap and hope that I’ll land on my feet, but in the meantime, I feel fully exhilarated and inspired just to be immersed in the process. My goal is to provide a truly intimate experience that takes you beyond simply shopping for a product, where you feel like you’ve magically discovered these artists walking through a bazaar while traveling or at a little known market. I hope that through each of these stories, you’ll be able to feel the same sense of inspiration.

Tomorrow, Rogue Habits Bazaar opens with our first artist!