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For those of you that follow Rogue Habits, you know that for the past few months, there has been almost no movement. We’ve come and gone in this way, as a specter in the night. One month it’s all hands on deck and go, go go; the next it’s crickets chirping.

Honestly, writing and keeping up with Rogue Habits has been challenging. This is a one-woman show and though I have vowed that I would give more to this project, an intention for my own fulfillment and wellbeing, I have been largely unsuccessful. It runs, as my life, in spurts. Before Thanksgiving, I’d done a few maker fairs and marveled at how well they went. I sold half of my goods—things I had co-created or sourced on my trips—that I was as sad to let go as I was excited. I also met people who had not only heard of RH, but were avid followers on Instagram. With each person I met, my jaw dropped. It’s moments like those where I know that there’s something here; and I thought, “Huh, if only I had more time.”

In the writing process, I maintain an ongoing list of people I want to interview, places I want to explore, creative endeavors I want to cover. I also have a few completed interviews I need to dust off and publish. It’s all on me. With those that have contributed, we talk about target audiences, partnerships, and the like, but still I always ask myself, “Who is the Rogue Habits reader?” When it comes down to it, honestly, it’s myself. This began as a creative outlet for me to reengage, and hope that it will find others like me who are seeking inspiration.

On that same note, it’s also me that creates the blockade preventing this from growing. Other things take form, and I shape shift to fill those needs: a new job, a new project, a trip. One thing I do know though is regardless of what’s happening, Rogue Habits is always in the back of my mind, ideas churning, soul ablaze in conflict with where I want to dedicate my time. Only fear lies in my way.

(Cherry Laithang)

(Cherry Laithang)

The path forward will coincide naturally with what’s going on in my life. I’m putting more pressure on myself; and currently, I’ve been focusing heavily on wellness; a forced endeavor, actually, to beat fatigue and the flu. I rarely ever take the time to stop, and now that I’m at a forced halt, naturally, I’m back to scheming on ideas for this community. This has made me realize that doing nothing is important.

I’m a pusher. I push my friends, my family and most of all myself. Every spare minute consists of trying to get ahead; but it’s a duality. While I pride myself on mostly being on top of the hustle, I also need time to just be. I’ve learned that there is no end point to running so fast. There’s always another email I can check, article to write, photo to edit; or errands to run, and it will never be finished. If I don’t make the time for myself now it’ll never happen. This next year I’ll be focusing on really finding balance; making time for myself means nurturing what bring me joy, and that’s this right here. Expect more stories on interviews with elevating artists toiling away at their craft, ways to be well mentally, physically and spiritually, and lots of getaways.

I hope to hear more from all of you too. Honestly, you wouldn’t believe how much it meant to hear people mention Rogue Habits, come to the booth and tell me what you were inspired by and what you want to see more of. Please, talk to me. I’m reaching for you.

Here’s to another year of being that much closer to enlightenment.