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We all know the hassle of switching pots to provide breathing room for our plant babies to grow and flourish, but Italian designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso offers an ultra nifty solution: the Fold Pot that grows with your plant. So simple, yet so brilliant.


Made of flexible silicon rubber, the pot begins with the ring rolled down, and as the plant grows, the top can be rolled up with an ability to double its capacity and for soil to be added.

Mani Quadrate

Ideal for spices, herbs, or those succulents you borrowed from your neighbor’s front yard, the Fold Pot comes with a hole for drainage and a plate to hold the excess water.

grigio apertoLOW

With a modern, clean design reminiscent of terracotta clay pots, the pots, available in terracotta, grey, and black, seamlessly correspond to any décor.

Due insiemeblu