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How many times have you reached for your keys, only to find you had misplaced them elsewhere? How about when you find a button, but are not sure what exactly it goes to? You don’t want to toss it, because you know the second you do, the shirt it belongs with with show up. Sound familiar? Of course it does! For all those lost and found knick-knacks, here is a DIY project that is quick, simple to create, and can be a place for storing keys, or small, random objects; or joy of joys, a permanent spot to prevent keys from going missing. Enter: rope bowls! These bowls are small and unassuming enough that they won’t detract attention from other pieces in your home’s decor, yet they just might help you keep your sanity in check.


  • thick cotton textured rope
  • a bowl as a model
  • glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1:

Start with your thick, cotton textured, rope, and glue gun. Fold one end of the rope and secure it with hot glue.

Step 2:

Once the one end of the rope is securely fastened down, take a bowl to use as a guide. Turn the bowl upside down, placing the glued end of the rope on top of the bowl. Use this bowl as a model to create your rope bowl.

Step 3:

Use the hot glue gun to secure your rope bowl layer by layer as you wind the rope around the actual bowl. Continue to create layers for your rope bowl until you have created a bowl that is sufficient in size for your needs. Use the same procedure to create several bowls in different sizes.

Step 4:

When your rope bowl reaches a satisfactory size, you will need to secure the other end of the rope bowl to keep it fastened and prevent it from unraveling. You can achieve a tight, secure look by using your hot glue gun to connect the starting end of the rope bowl to the opposite end. Before you glue the two ends together however, be certain to fold the unglued end over first. Attach this folded end over the rope bowl lip, glueing it in place securely.

Now you have a central place for all lost knick knacks. Never again, will you have to waste time in the morning hunting down keys! The neutral shade of these bowls allows them to blend well with any decor in any room! You can also change the types and widths of rope to create different patterns. Happy constructing!