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If you love your hot cuppa of roasted beans, then you are likely on the lookout for “sensory experiences.” Forget the offerings of the drip machine or your local coffee shop. A coffee connoisseur knows the gravity of proper bean preparation. A delicate hand, a fine balance, and a carefully procured flavor palate. Also crucial is your coffee tech. For you java snobs *ahem* aficionados out there, here is a list of 12 coffee-brewing technological masterpieces:



1. BKON Craft Brewer

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.55.08 AM

This coffee brewer costs $14,000! Did we get your attention?

The BKON Craft Brewer looks straight out of some sci-fi film, and it acts like one too. It is built on BKON’s proprietary RAIN—Reverse Atmospheric INfusion—technology that claims to extract more flavor from the beans than any other machine in the market right now. The precision RAIN technology lets you control the brewing parameters and delivers consistently. The cups are brewed for an average of 90 seconds and more than 40 cups can be produced per hour. The Craft Brewer can also connect to a cloud platform where you can share your recipes and find inspiration from the creations of others. This BKON creation is efficient, speedy, and “smart.”

2. IKAWA Home Roaster


It looks like we have entered the smart era of coffee-brewing machines! If the BKON Craft Brewer did not impress you, take a look at IKAWA’s vision. The IKAWA Home Roaster is for coffee lovers with exacting standards, and a bit of the control freak in them!

This brewing machine can be connected to your iOS or Android device to let you know how each stage of the roasting process is progressing. For instance, you can keep an eye on the beans and track the temperature as they get roasted. You receive notifications once the processes are complete. You can also customize the settings according to the type of beans you use.

The IKAWA Home Roaster is a Kickstarter project and is expected to hit the market by February 2016. But you can pre-order now.

3. The Ottomatic by Chemex


When you talk coffee-brewing machines, Chemex has to feature in the list somewhere. Chemex is known amongst the sociable coffee-sipping lot as the brand behind the barista experience. Their latest creation, The Ottomatic, seems to be an extension of their mantra—creating technologies that become a part of the lifestyle of the user.

The Ottomatic automates the brewing process by taking care of the heating and pouring for you, so that by the time you have showered, dressed, and are ready to dash out of the house for your office, your coffee is ready for you! The Ottomatic has everything going for it to become a lifestyle choice for busy coffee lovers.

4. Trinity ONE


Who says hi-tech has to look bulky (read: ugly)? And who says the coffee connoisseur does not want to show off his brewing machine?

The Trinity ONE is a high-quality brewing machine for the discerning and sophisticated coffee lover. It lets you choose from a number of brewing techniques—air pressure, cold brew, and pour-over—to make the cuppa of your choice. You can also combine the air pressure and pour-over techniques to achieve concurrent brewing.

But the real appeal of Trinity ONE is in its looks. It is a stunner with a high-quality stainless steel body and sleek and gorgeous black walnut timber finish. It sports a minimalist design that won’t clutter your kitchen counter. The Trinity ONE is a rare blend of technology, artistry, and elegance.

5. Dutch Lab Eiffel


Now that we are talking about brewing devices that also double up as design statements, the Dutch Lab Eiffel demands a shoutout.

You will be forgiven for mistaking the Dutch Lab Eiffel for a showpiece, a replica of the Eiffel Tower with Gothic design undertones. The cathedral-like towering structure of this cold drip coffee maker is a testimony to precision. The machine is assembled from laser-cut parts that have been put together using glass tubes and brass needle valves. The Dutch Lab Eiffel is an ornate piece that will lend opulence to your décor. But it also makes a mean cup of joe.

6. KitchenAid Siphon Brewer


The KitchenAid Siphon Brewer is another proof that machines can be beautiful as well. KitchenAid is known for their sophisticated and artful kitchen appliances. The Siphon Brewer is no different.

This attractive brewing machine in a globe design blends the visual drama of the classic vacuum pot brewer with the no-frills engineering of today that is characterized by a minimalist and easy-to-set-up design. What you get is a cup of java that has the richness of a total-immersion brew coffee and the clean flavors of a filter brew. And would you believe it that the machine does not need a disposable filter? While you wait for this magic to happen, you can delight in watching the water swirl and dance as it makes its way from the reservoir chamber to the siphon.

7. Ratio Coffee

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 11.19.40 AM

The Ratio Coffee brewer is another star in the beauty-with-brains circle.

This machine has a die-cast aluminum chassis with satin nickel ceramic finish. The two support arms are crafted out of black walnut timber with unique grains and patterns on each. The wood will age over time and develop a soft patina. The sophistication and elegance of the Ratio Coffee brewer extends even to the all-natural cork stopper that seals the carafe. The same cork is used to line the carafe and the underside of the machine to lend a harmoniously beautiful and soft look. The water reservoir, the supply lines, and the carafe are hand-crafted from lab-grade borosilicate glass for sturdiness and to provide a touch of drama as you watch the water swish and splash around while waiting for your cuppa.

So what’s brainy about the Ratio Coffee brewer? For one, the machine has built-in sensors that detect the water level to custom-set the brewing time. The water is kept at around 200oF, which is the ideal temperature at which coffee should be made. The intelligence of this machine is also in its simplicity. The coffee-making process starts with just one button. The Ratio regulates the flow of water to distribute it evenly over the grounds. Because some grounds don’t get doused in water while some others receive a paltry few drops, they can breathe and bloom fully. The result is a flavorful and aromatic cuppa just like what you would get in a manual pour-over.

8. Poppy Pour-Over 


The Poppy Pour-Over is brains, brawn, and beauty. It has a commanding presence, and the performance continues to impress.

A bevy of preset controls ensures that you can brew the beans exactly as they should be. The burr grinder is designed to crush the beans instead of chopping them; this preserves the natural essential oils that give your cuppa of java an added zest. The beans are grounded just before brewing to preserve freshness. The carafe is made from double-walled glass that maintains the ideal temperature. However, you can tweak all these settings remotely with the Wink app to create the pour-over of your choice.

The Poppy Pour-Over is one smart coffee brewer. The machine automatically detects when your supplies—beans and filters—are low and pings Amazon to have the refills delivered at your doorstep.

9. Wilfa Precision


Perfection has many takers, and the automatic filter brewer, the Wilfa Precision, delivers exactly what its moniker promises. This state-of-the-art machine embodies qualities like simplicity, sophistication, and minimalism that are so valued in Nordic society and find reflection in their products, ranging from sweaters to fine furniture and from tech products to jewelry.

The elegantly designed Wilfa Precision is the brainchild of Tim Wendelboe, a globally renowned barista. The brewer produces flawless coffee that matches the Golden Cup standards set down by the Specialty Coffee Associations of America (SCAA) and Europe (SCAE). The keys to the precision and consistency are in the design of the brewer.

The Wilfa Precision features a sophisticated heating system that can quickly reach temperatures of 197oF-205oF for extraction and maintains them for 99 percent of the brewing cycle, courtesy of the double-walled filter holder. This temperature range is considered ideal for the process by the SCAA. A precision pump and customizable flow settings ensure that the right amount of water is delivered at the right time, whether you make a single cup of coffee or 10 cups.

The Wilfa Precision is also a stunner to look at. It has a die-cast aluminum body with brushed finish. The assortment of glass parts not only makes for a gleaming, sparkling look but also lets you behold the brewing process.

10. Cold Bruer


The Cold Bruer is a specialty coffee maker designed for the discerning cold coffee lover who prefers his cup of joe to be sweet, less acidic and bitter, and deliciously frothy and velvety. It is made from high-quality borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and food-grade silicone and can prepare up to four cups.

The brewer uses the slow drip principle to soak the coffee beans. This extraction process ensures that the flavors come out clean and clear without you needing to keep vigil after setting up the process. The setting up is also easy. If you are unsure, go by the Cold Bruer recommendation of brewing for six hours at one drip every second. You can experiment with the time between 3-12 hours using the adjustable valve.

11. notNeutral GINO Dripper & LINO Mug 


Simplicity wins hands down every day. This combo package from notNeutral containing their popular GINO dripper and two LINO mugs in white porcelain is the ideal gift for the coffee lover who doesn’t want to go without his pour-over brewed coffee even when he is on the move.

The GINO dripper is made from double-walled hand-blown borosilicate glass that insulates and maintains the ideal brewing temperature. The dripper has been designed to fit snugly atop the LINO mug. The LINO mug has a thick base that keeps your coffee hot. The handle is an extension of the cup, so it is easy to maintain grip and balance it even when it is hot.

The GINO Dripper & LINO mug set from notNeutral is not only a beautiful kitchen addition but also the ideal travel accessory for the coffee addict.

12. Moka Pot


We cannot round off this list without including this classic, albeit in a new and improved avatar. The Moka Pot is an icon. It was first designed in Italy more than 80 years ago for the learned coffee drinker who knows how fine to grind the beans, how much to heat the water, and how long to brew to craft the perfect cup of joe. In the hands of the novice, the original Moka Pot can churn out coffee that is insipid and murky.

The new Moka Pot is much simpler because it is designed for the not-so-knowledgeable coffee lover. With an array of preset controls, brewing a sweet and nuanced coffee on this machine is easy and effortless. What is more, you will also be proud to flaunt this modern and minimalist rendition of an iconic design by industrial designer Joey Roth on your kitchen counter.

You know how connoisseurs are! They demand the best and are satisfied with only the best. To be fair to them, they appreciate authenticity, craftsmanship, and sophistication, and most are willing to give a chance to the new and the innovative, provided they get the whiff of quality in their cup of java.