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Crafting and curating imaginative spaces stimulating enough even for the most creative souls, bohemian queen Justina Blakeney bears a keen eye for unique compilations. Her style carries viewers on a voyage as galloping camel traders riding through desert sands, bearing aromatic spices and fine silk.

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Art and design oriented since she was a child, Blakeney’s love to paint, sew and collage translated into a lifestyle. Naturally, she studied art in college, and chased her dream to Italy, thinking of ways she could make a living using her creative talents. There, she opened a small boutique for vintage and new-designer clothing; discovering after a few years that she was most excited about finding the vintage objects and furniture for the shop.

“It was then that I realized my passion for decor and began working on home decor projects,” she says.


Blogging began as an outlet for her to do something creative each day, but has grown to become an extension of herself where she incorporates all the things she loves: “my family, my jungalow, my closet, my obsession will plants and global textiles, wild patterns, thrifted finds and bohemian dwellings.”


“I loved blogging right away as it was a natural way to combine so many of the things that I love including writing, photography, graphic design, crafting, styling, collaging, curating and decorating.”


Accordingly, her creative process consists of simply making continuously when she’s feeling inspired rather than a regimented method. Thus, her approach encompasses a wide range of colors, textures and vibes.

“From portraits made of plants and flowers to homes that are colorful, soulful and a little bit wild, my images are meant to evoke a sense of playfulness, warmth and earthiness.”


Inspired by time with her two-year old, Ida, Blakeney’s work resonates as a way of life where she strives to be honest, candid and herself.

Currently, in addition to styling and décor projects including decorating a home for homeless female veterans and their children with Volunteers of America and Cost Plus World Market, she also just finished her first solo book project to be released in April, The New Bohemians, Cool and Collected Homes.