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It’s funny how transitioning from one day to another bubbles up so much to the surface. Goodbye one year, hello another; this time I’m going to completely reinvent myself. Resolutions may sound trivial, but they also bring up a healthy and very necessary perspective. They force you to take a hard look at yourself and reveal what you need—be it a career change, a move, or new routine. And, if you take it seriously, it can lead to some actual change. You’d be amazed at how writing down some goals, whether it’s for the year—or as a friend recommended to me once, broken down by a month, six months, and finally a year—makes all the difference. Abstract concepts of our ideal selves can become concrete and attainable. What we only imagined for ourselves become our real selves. Outlining resolutions forces us to formally recognize what’s important to us, what we value, and calls attention to these aspects to manifest growth in those realms. It’s a much needed ritual to reflect, reorganize, reflect, and renew.


1. They make us stop and think.

It’s not often enough that we sit down to analyze our lives. I had a CEO once ask me if there was any point to doing the things we’re doing. Why are we doing this campaign, this giveaway, this job? It really put things into perspective for me. The benefit of examining our lives is invaluable—take 10 minutes to an hour to just consider your life. Why are you doing any of the things you’re doing? Are they benefitting you? Be your own coach and live a more intentional life.

2. They bring to the forefront what needs to change.
How many times have you found yourself saying that you want the same thing over and over? Whether it’s starting a business, getting into a fitness routine, quitting your job, traveling, there’s always that one thing. If it’s been on your to-do list for for an extended period of time, why not do it now? Conquer what’s standing in your way; repeating the same thing over with the same result is called insanity.

3. They make us consider the future the right way and create a plan.

Often we future trip vs future plan. These are not the same thing. Instead of stressing over when your side hustle will take off so you can quit your day job, or when you’ll get out of debt, think about positive achievements. Consider what you’ve accomplished this past year—what were you proud of? What really stood out that you’d like to carry over into the next year? Push in ways that will also bring a healthier mentality. Think bigger with zero limitations.

4. They put us in the driver seat, reminding us that we are, in fact, in control.

It’s all about determination. If you can think it, you can do it; and once you focus on what you want, your brain naturally begins firing off ways on how to achieve it. It’ll come naturally—in the shower, in the middle of a meeting, or in your dreams. A resolution connects you to your deeper intentions, and from there, the how will begin to appear in the least expected of places.

5. They promote positive self-reflection. 

Reflecting allows us to acknowledge what we’ve done over the course of the year, in addition to what we’ve struggled with. It’s easy in chaos of the day-to-day to lose sight of our accomplishments. Maybe you’re already on track to achieving your resolution; give yourself a pat on the back and keep pushing because you’re headed in the right direction. As you get continue to reach your goals, you’ll find that it gets easier—you’ll become more confident. If a resolution is a good one (for you), you’ll be motivated to seek real, positive change.