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The beloved art of  macramé may seem a recent trend, but in actuality comes from a long history spanning multiple cultures and countries. Originating from 13th century Arab weavers, the craft began when they knotted excess threads to create decorative fringes on hand-loomed textiles including shawls, bath towels, and veils. Following Moorish conquest, the handiwork was taken to Spain, where it received its current sobriquet, derived from the Arabic migramah (مقرمة) which translates to “fringe.” From there, macramé made its way into Italy and throughout Europe, until it found itself at the court of Mary II in the late 17th century; who taught the art to her ladies-in-waiting.

Also known as “McNamara’s Lace” or “square knotting” sailors filled off hours at sea with creating hammocks, bell fringes, and belts. This was yet another route that allowed macramé to expand as the objects they made were sold or bartered upon docking in different countries. The craft was most popular, however, in the Victoria era, where it was used to create rich trims for chic outfits and adornment for household items. A favorite at the time, Sylvia’s Book of Macramé Lace (1882), taught readers how “to work rich trimmings for black and coloured costumes, both for home wear, garden parties, seaside ramblings, and balls—fairylike adornments for household and underlinens…”

Now, hundreds of years later, we are still appropriating handwoven knots in the same fashion. They grace our homes, hanging on walls and cradling plants, and adorn our beach and loungewear. We never quite seemed to shake that air of fairy goddess. One of our favorite design styles is the macramé curtain. They exude a sense of escape and enchanted-ness, reminiscent of the feeling of crawling into a fort you made as a child. It’s a portal. Immersed in a world of your own creating, a direct reflection of your imagination, anything could happen. Such is the magic of the macramé curtain—you walk through, or sit under it, and the whole world is yours. // Shop our Tallulah Tiered Macramé Curtain (2nd one below) and peruse these 11 gorgeous curtains.












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